Various images and artwork contributed by members of the AAS. All taken by members, no Google Images allowed!

Click each picture for a close up.

The Witches Broom Nebula, Ewan Vellacott

The Orion Nebula, Ewan Vellacott

The Whirlpool Galaxy, Ewan Vellacott

The Flame & Horsehead Nebulas, Ewan Vellacott

The Dumbell Nebula (M27), Ewan Vellacott

 The Crab Nebula (M1), Ewan VellacottThe Blow dryer Galaxy M100), Ewan Vellacott

The Andromeda Galaxt (M31) Steve Walker The Andromeda Galaxt (M31) Steve Walker 

First quarter moon, Steve Walker

Waxing crescent Moon, Steve Walker